Friday, February 27, 2009


Holy cow!! I cannot believe he will 1 tomorrow!!! This is my sweet adorable little nephew Brecken! He is one of the biggest reasons I am where I am at today... It was less then a year ago the pictures below were taken... I was the life of the party!! Heck.. I *WAS* the party!! I lived one of the craziest lifestyles out of anyone you will ever meet.. and then my sister brittney, had a little boy, March 1, 2008! So around the end of March I flew out to Idaho to help her out with him.. It was so much fun and he was sooo sweet!! But I remember when I came out the spirit my sister had in her home, the love her and her husband had for each other, and this beautiful little baby that was sealed to them for eternity... and I remember the whole time I was there thinking "Amanda, if you don't change somethings you will NEVER have this!" and these were things that I always wanted! So flew back home to Minnesota and the next time I work I went the back and sat and bawled.. I was so unhappy.. I [thought] i was happy.. I had sooo many friends, and so much fun.. but i was miserable and I felt like something was missing.. so I went home and knelt by my bed and poured my heart out to my father in heaven.. I knew I had to make some changes.. and RIGHT away without any question I knew I had to move and knew it was to provo, so I looked for an apartment, worked 2 more weeks, went to california for a week (i had already planned the trip) and then the day after i got home i loaded up my car and headed to utah... deep down I don't think I really thought I would do it.. and I remember getting to the provo canyon.. I was about 10 minutes from my new apartment and I had an anxiety attack.. I was ready to turn around and go home.. I had just picked up and moved somewhere where i didn't really know ONE person!! but then I felt super calm again and knew that I was supposed to be doing this... So here I am a year later ((now i'm in idaho.. tho)) but if you look at me below, that was when i came out to visit a year ago and look at me above.. 2 days ago.. you can see how much I've changed.. I KNOW there is a god.. I know he loves us! I know that he got me here! and I know that I want an eternal family, and thank you soooo much brecken helping me get here! Happy Birthday bud! I love you sooo much!!


~Wyatt~Brittney~Brecken~ said...

Happy Birthday Brecken! I LOVE YOU!

Rozalynn and Mitch said...

Hey i had so much fun yesterday thanks for coming and doing that!! How did your family deal go last night! I hope it went great... well i'll pry see you next week with all my good mary kay stuff i can't wait!!

Allison said...

Thanks for sharing some of your journey Amanda! It is so awesome to see how much happier you are and where you are headed. God is Good!!