Thursday, February 19, 2009

*help wanted*

So isn't looking for jobs so much fun?!
I've been looking for one for awhile now, and right before an interview or even dropping off an application i always have this little anxiety attack thing.. i don't know why?? maybe i'm insecure or intimidated or something I have no idea?? anyways I've had the worst things happen to me in interviews... like one time I was interviewing at an insurance company thing.. well the guy has me come in his office and sit down.. so we are going through this interview and it's going GREAT I'm like 98% sure I have the job so I go to relax a little.. sit back in the chair and the next thing I know I am laying on the ground.. my legs are in the air and i'm missing one of my shoes... HAHA I bust out laugh.. I'm in the middle of an interview laying on the ground laughing and trying to get my shoe back on... I look up at the guy and he kept his head down the whole time.. he couldn't even look up at me and then he says "oh my gosh i am so sorry that must have been the broken chair" MUST HAVE BEEN?! lol THAT or i need to go on a freakin diet!! I don't get embarrassed very easy I just thought it was hilarious but you could tell he was soo embarrassed.. I don't know if it was FOR me or because he gave me a broken chair to sit on but needless to say I never got a call back ...
so anyways I have this interview yesterday and it's at an animal hospital ((there are like NO jobs available right now and this was pretty much all that's available right now)) so on the phone he says "well sometimes you would have to do like a catheter iv is that okay?" I say yes as i'm shaking my head no... a catheter?! are you joking me?! then he says! "have you ever done anything like that before?!" WHAT?! TELL ME ONE PERSON YOU KNOW THAT HAS DONE SOMETHING LIKE THAT BEFORE?! "yes when I was 6 I would get bored and play vet with my cat and stick a catheter iv in it... I haven't done it in a few years so I might be a little rusty but with some practice I'm sure I will be just as good as I was back then!" hahaha... ewww!!!
okay and then he says he would like me to come in about 15 min early to take this little spelling test thing... so I go in and sit down to take this test.. the first chunk is listing these names in alphabetical order.. okay i got that, the last chunk is some math questions convert 57 lbs to kilograms or something! I totally got that one right.. it's 25.9! anyways the middle chunk is this spelling thing.. circle the mispelt words and then write the word correctly next to it.. WHAT?! sometimes I spell of-'ove' I'm bad!!! I got 2 of the right!! and that's only because they were on the poster that was in the room!! so he come in and I say "I'm sorry I am horrible at spelling.. BUT I am VERY good at spell check!!!" hey i'm an optimist!

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