Wednesday, November 11, 2009

*all moved in!!..

So.. I made it to California!!.. It feels like I've been here so much longer than the week and half it's been.. but I've had a blast and am finally getting all settled in.. it's been a busy week and half!!..


Last weekend ((halloween)) Dan and I carved pumpkins.. we waited until LAST minute to go get them, because I had to go over to my new house and meet my new roommates and then it was REALLY nice out so we decided to make a picnic ((which was really good.. we made a fruit salad, chicken salad sandwiches, and there was a bunch of other stuff but we got full on the fruit salad before we got to the other stuff..)) and then when we got out to go looking for pumpkins almost every place was sold out!!.. So we ended up going to this pumpkin patch place that had all the leftover ones no one wanted.. I made mine a goofy face and Dan made his scar face.. nice..




Then because all I had was whatever I could take on the plane with me ((one 51 lb suitcase, a 49 lb box, a 32 lb carry on, and a personal bag)) I needed to get a computer desk and a dresser.. so I found a cheap desk and walmart and then I found a dresser on craigslist for $40!!.. it was really nice to it was big and has 6 drawers and a big mirror on it and it was in great condition.. the only thing it was a light brown which didn't really go with anything else I had so we painted it black and mod podged this material on the drawers and it turned out AWESOME.. neither of us expected to turn out as cool as it did.. i love it!!.. We may start our own dresser decorating business.. we'll see ;)






Also I needed to get a new car, so I had sold mine for $1500 before I left and decided to look for one that same amount, so we found this 99 Mitsubishi Mirage, it seemed like it was in good condition only it had a funny smell to it, but there were bags of clothes in the back so we thought it might be the clothes and that it would go away after they took the bags out.. it didn't!!.. So we took it in to get smog checked ((required in CA to get registered)) and turns out the check engine light SHOULD have been on... only he had taken out the bulb and put it in the glove compartment!!.. This guy was sooo sneaky!!.. it has been problem after problem with this car.. but I think after we get it all cleaned out and fixed up it will be a good car.. I hope..

And also I went to get my CA drivers license so I could get residency and turns out my birth certificate was missing.. so I had to order a new one and have it 2 dayed to me, because I can't even get a job until I have it. But throuh all the problems it has been awesome being here!!.. The weather has been amazing.. we went and laid out on the beach in Corona Del Mar yesterday which was sooo beautiful!!..




Then today I started looking for jobs so as soon as I get my BC I can start working.. So it's been amazing.. I know I definitely made the right choice moving here!!.. :)
hope everyone is doing well!!

Monday, October 26, 2009


As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let us down, probably will. You'll have your heart broken and you'll break others' hearts. You'll fight with your best friend or maybe even fall in love with them, and you'll cry because time is flying by. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, forgive freely, and love like you've never been hurt. Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, no second chances. you just have to live life to the fullest, tell someone what they mean to you and tell someone off, speak out, dance in the pouring rain, hold someone's hand, comfort a friend, fall asleep watching the sun come up, stay up late, be a flirt, and smile until your face hurts. Don't be afraid to take chances or fall in love and most of all, live in the moment because every second you spend angry or upset is a second of happiness you can never get back.


Soo.. as most everyone knows by now I'm moving to California on Friday.. yes it's kind of like me to do something like that but I honestly didn't see this coming. But, I am VERY excited about this opportunity!!.. I did a lot of thinking and praying about it to know I was making the right choice and I have not felt better about any other choice I've made in my life. I am moving to Huntington Beach on Friday the 30th.. yep 4 days, into a house with a couple of LDS girls about a block and half up from the beach.. 2 weeks ago I had never been to the beach and now I will be able to walk to it.. life is full of many beautiful surprises!!.. I found out that my credits are not going to transfer to the school I would be going to there so I decided not to finish the semester and just move there and work on getting residency and then start school up next fall. Also I will only live a mile and a half from my amazing boyfriend!!.. He has done so much to help me with this move and with a lot of other things, I don't think he will ever know how truly grateful I am for that, and also to have him in my life. That was another thing I did not see coming, but I am soooo glad it did!! Ü I will start posting more once I get there and keep everyone updated on all the new things that are happening between finding a new job, living in a new place, and having new love.. all very fun and exciting things!!.. I feel so blessed right now, I feel like life couldn't get any better!!..

Friday, October 9, 2009

*muh poker face..

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I am taking a class right now that ends on tuesday. It's a 'get ya back into school' type class called On Course, it's an easy, 2 day a week, 50 min, 1 credit class, that they suggest that every new student takes. So I did.. Well yesterday, we had a motivational speaker come in to, well motivate us of course!. and can i just say how much i LOVE motivational speakers?!.. i love any kinda of motivation i can get from anyone and if it's coming from a professional that's even better! Well let me just tell you a little bit about this guy. He came in and you could tell right away that the left side of his face didn't work. His eye wondered a little, and the left side of his mouth didn't move when the right did while he was talking. Also his right hand, "nubby" as he called it, was alot smaller and his fingers weren't all there. He started off by explaining why he looked that way. When his mom, who was on her 4th child in i think he said 4 years, had him she was VERY under weight and she smoked, he thinks this helps to explain his 'nubby', also when she went into labor with him they thought her water broke and wrapped her in a blanket. When they got to hospital and removed the blanket they realized it was covered in blood, it was actually the placenta that had broke. The doctors had to go in right away and pull him out in order to save his life, because he was loosing so much oxygen. So when they reached in with the forceps they squeezed to hard on the left side of his face and temple area it caused it the permanent damage, which is why he looked the way he did. Okay so on to his motivation!
He told us something that really stuck out to me.. he asked who played poker, a few hands went up. He then said that life is like a game of poker. Sometimes we are dealt good cards, but sometimes we are dealt bad ones, and there is nothing we can do about the bad cards but just continue to play that hand. He talked about the bad cards that had been dealt to him, and how even though he was given these bad things and sometimes people told him he couldn't do different things in life because of his disability he still did it anyway. After class I was talking to a friend and told him about what this guy had said and he then mentioned, which stuck out to me even more, that even when we are dealt these bad cards, sometimes no matter how bad they are we can come out on top and still win the game anyway.
Life is such a crazy thing.. it continually blows me away.. sometimes we are dealt good cards and sometimes the worst hand in the whole deck.. we just need to choose how we play and if we can
come out on top!!
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Friday, September 11, 2009

*wait.. where did the week go?!

This week went by SOOOO fast!!.. holy cow i can't believe it's already almost saturday!!.. what happened?!.. So here's a little update.. I wasn't getting hardly any hours at Caribou so I started kinda looking for a new job.. okay and by that i mean Brit told me a lady was hiring and i sent her an email.. well.. it was for Bella's Bridal in woodbury ((very cute place)) so i interviewed with her thursday and she said she'd give me a call by next week and let me know.. she called me later that night and offered me the job.. yup i'm THAT good ;) anyway.. I had interviewed with Anytime Fitness awhile back and then she started emailing this week wanting to talk to me about a possible position.. so i went and met with her today and she offered me a job doing alot of marketing for the maplewood gym.. ps i just found out i started getting more hours at Caribou.. so rite now.. i have a wide range of possibilities i know for sure that i am going to do the bridal shop but i can't decide between anytime and caribou.. the thing with anytime is that it's alot of generating leads and going out in the community and stuff ((and by that i mean maplewood.. so not to close)) and caribou is fun and close and i wouldn't have to do a ton of driving.. and then part of me thinks i should try doing all 3 and then narrow it down that way.. but going to school full time on top of all that makes a little difficult.. i think i need input?!..

Monday, September 7, 2009

*the most beautiful things..

soo.. i feel like lately i have had a little bit of a bad attitude about where i am in life.. i think the biggest thing is rite after high school i thought i had it all figured out.. i jumped around between jobs and made enough to get me what i wanted right then and there and didn't think i needed school and now everyone my age it seems like is graduating and i am JUST starting school.. i think i've felt a little bad about that.. and that i used to drive a nice car and have money to do my hair whenever and go tanning and all that stuff.. and now i truly know what it means to be a broke college student.. and all i ever would think about is how i am just ready to be done with this phase of my life and be able to 'start' my life.. and i said that out loud and then it hit me.. this IS my life.. it's started it has been for almost 23 years now.. and it all goes by so fast.. i just need to soak it all in.. and embrace and love each new phase because this IS my life.. and sometime ((maybe soon maybe in like 15 years.. who even knows?!)) i will be married and have a family to take care of & right now it's just me that i have to worry about.. so i am ready to be selfish and soak it up and focus on me.. and getting thru school and loving it!!.. the whole phase!!.. and when the next one comes i really i hope i remember this and don't get sick of the little times anymore and just love where i am cuz this moment IS my life..
hope everyone had a good labor day!!.. i had way to much fun!!..
ps.. HAPPY birthday des!!..

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

*WAiT i'm not ready for you to leave yet..

HOLY MOLY!!.. summer is almost over!!.. what happened?!

i don't think i'm ready yet.. even tho i did have a VERY amazing summer!!.. it was seriously soo fun.. I LOVED texas and hope i can move back someday.. most of my days ((there and back here in minnesota)) have been spent at the pool.. i LOVE laying out in the sun and playing in the water.. although san antonio was better at the pool ((oh and night was the best to sneak in at like midnight and go swimming and it was still hot out.. i loved it)) it's still fun here especially playin with my adorable little nephew brecken play in the water.. he grows up so much everyday it seems like.. it blows me away!!..

so now i'm just trying to get ready for school to start.. i can't believe i start in 6 DAYS!!.. it's super stressful to think about.. but also kinda exciting.. and i started working at caribou again.. i really liked working there a few years ago and figured it would be a pretty easy stress free job.. i interviewed with anytime and i totally wanted the job and they wanted me but the schedules would not work for either of us.. so she said she'd keep my resume and call me if something opened up that had a better schedule for me.. but i'm really liking working at caribou.. for those who don't know what it is it's like starbucks only waaaayyy better.. it's more of midwest thing i think.. and they have the BEST smoothies EVER!!..

oh one more thing i just had to post cuz it makes me laugh ohhh so hard.. okay so over the past year sense i moved out to provo i dated alot of different guys and had 3 actual boyfriends.. anways you know the movie good luck chuck?! don't watch it!! it's suppperrr naughty.. not what i expected anyways.. thats not the point anyways it's about this guy that sleeps with a girl and then she marrys the next guy she dates.. i'm that guy!!!.. only girl!! ((and i don't sleep with them.. just date them..)) hahaha so those 3 boyfriends i had.. they all have gotten engaged in the past like month!!!.. hahahahaha isn't that nuts?!.. sooo if you know of a guy that wants to get married.. just send him my way.. i personally won't marry him.. i just have to date him.. then he will marry the next girl he dates... C R A Z Y!!..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


heeeyy.. my friend mandy entered her adorable dog lexi ((she really is the cutest sweetest dog ever)) into this cutest dog competition and asked for help!!.. so if you can go to the link above and vote for her that would be awesome!!..


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

*too cool for school..

soo.. i hate school already.. i know remember why i never went..
so i go in for my test last week that way i get placed in the right english and math classes ect.. it took for freakin ever!!.. annddd.. i'm in like 6th grade everything!!.. ((not for real)) but pretty close.. anyways so i go to register today and we are there for like 3 hours all i had eaten was a clemetine ((yup the miniture orange which is like like having 2 acutal orange slices)) and i was starving.. and then it's like an hour and a half of lecture about all this junk you need to know about going to school.. and then 2 hours of registering for classes.. want to know why it took 2 hours?!.. cuz it's sooo freakin hard!!.. when we got there ((i went with my brother kole cuz he's goin to the same school i am)) there were all these people there with thier parents and jokingly i turn to kole and am like.. oh why didn't we bring our mom with us.. and he said it was because we were too old for that.. well half way thru trying to register i'm practically in tears and wishing my mom was there!!.. i had to call her for moral support.. i think the biggest problem was that i am trying to get this job at anytime fitness ((i have a 2nd interview tomorrow)) and i really really want it buttt the hours are 11-7 so i was trying to get all my classes in before 11 and she said they could work with me but all the classes i needed to take on tues and thurs were in the afternoon.. so i was like i don't even care about the job!!.. ((mostly cuz i got hired at caribou.. it's like starbucks only a million times better)) but i called the lady at anytime and told her i could only get afternoon classes tues and thurs and she told me to still come in to the interview and she'll talk to the head guy and see if they can work around it.. sooo the interveiw is tomorrow and hopefully i get it!!.. it'll be ALOT of work ((way more the caribou)) buttt.. i would be the main manager of the woodbury anytime fitness so she said it would pretty much be MY gym.. i would completely in charge of everything there.. sooooo.. hopefully the whole scheduling thing works.. we'll see!!..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

*WHOA.. HERE i AM!!..

so.. i never-ever-ever wanted to go to school.. but when i was starting to figure out what i wanted to do at the end of the summer ever single job i could find paid like $10 an hour.. unless you had a degree.. soo.. after lots of pondering i decided to head back to school.. i looked at going down in texas & for out of state tuition and to get residency and to pay rent and have a job and blah blah blah it started to turn into me finishing school when i was abour 39 1/2 so not quite 40 but pretty freakin close.. sooo i decided to move back up to minnesota with the family and go to school there ((where it would be like.. close to a million dollars cheaper)) so i left san antonio.. ((which by the way was sooo super hard!!)) and went up to dallas for a few days.. i had a friend from minnesota that had flown in for work and so we went to 6 flags and stuff it was fun then i hung out with a friend that i hadn't seen for about 3 years and was living there.. then my old roommate from provo had just moved there so i stayed with her for a few days!!.. mucho fun!!..
then i left and drove up thru oklahoma and kansas and missouri and iowa to des moinse where i stayed with a friend from utah that was working there for the summer.. and we went out to this local bar/ dance place.. it was like the funnest thing i had ever done.. hahaha it was the definition of a HICKTOWN joint it was called uncle bucks.. there was lots of entertainment there.. then i came back up to minnesota.. it's been fun hangin with the family again and seeing my cute little nephew ((who by the way wasn't even walkin last time i saw him and now he's running around everywhere!!)) but i miss texas alot alot!!.. i am ready to move back!!.. but i guess just 2 more years and i can!!.. i'm working on getting my associates in fine art and then as of right now i want to transfer to a 4 year college and get a bachlors in advertising.. we'll see tho!!.. hope everyone is doin good!!..

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

*LOVE YO-SELF!!.. <3

So.. i had to go over to the office of the apartment complex i live in & the lady that works over there has a white board at her desk she puts new quotes on everyday & one day when i went over there was a quote up that said:
Love who you are because that's the person that YOU chose to be!!..
i loved that i even came home and wrote it on my white board.. because it's so true.. i've heard alot of people say and i've even said it myself sometimes that uglh i hate that i am like this or i hate that i do this or whatever.. but if you think about it YOU chose to do that.. you can CHOOSE *WHO you want to be, the things you do.. the places you go!!..
just makes sure the choices you make are the ones that make *YOU happy!!..


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cute quotes Pictures, Images and Photos
cute quotes Pictures, Images and Photos
hope everyone had a great week & has an even fabulous-er weekend!!.. Ü

Saturday, June 6, 2009

i'm still alive!!..

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whoa.. i've been like mia for a few days--ish.. SOO.. here's a little update..
1. i had to give Max back.. i liked him lots & he was a really good dog but he was scared of EVERYTHING to the point he wouldn't even go outside.. i had to DRAG him and then he was so scared of everything out there he wouldn't poop so to avoid alot of messes i sadly returned him..
2. i'm finally starting to get warmed up to my job.. yesterday i was #1 in the entire company in scheduled and #2 in serviced!!.. i've done better this last week then i did all last month.. cRaZy!!..
3. i can not wait for kole to get here!!.. he just graduated today ((CONGRATS!!)) and flys in on next monday the 15 and is workin with me for the summer!!..
4. i LOST my debit card and id for a WEEK!!.. not having one you realise how much you need both of those things to do anything in the world today..
5. i haven't worked out for about 2 weeks now!!.. its amazing how at my age you loose and gain weight so fast ((gain alot faster then loose))
6. i 100% gave up on dating.. i bailed on 3 dates this week.. awful i know.. but i just don't have the time.. the energy.. the patience.. ect. ect. for any of that type of shinanigans at this point.
7. i still have no idea what i am doing at the end of the summer.. i REALLY want to stay here.. but i also feel like i should go on a mission and part of me thinks i should move home and go to school.. buttttt i love it here so much i don't wanna leave.. ahhh decisions!!..
ps.. my hair grows tooooo fast.. i have major roots!!.. i HATE that!!..

Monday, May 18, 2009

*called ta serve?!..

Soo.. where i was working today was like 2 blocks from my apartment complex.. which just so happens to be right across from the temple!!.. ((how lucky am i to be 2 blocks from the temple!?..)) so i was takin a little break & sat looking at the temple and thinking about all the blessings i have in my life, my family, my friends, my job, my amazing grandma & grandpa, & the most important blessing i have is the Gospel.. i meet so many people every single day that don't have that & that may never have it in the life time & it is soo sad.. because these are such amazing people but are missing out on sooo much. Well in church yesterday this guy gave a talk and he said close your eyes.. now picture your favorite dessert in front of you.. okay now you take a bite.. and its the best tasting dessert you've ever had.. what's the first thing you say.. ((i was thinking mmm...)) but he said prob the next think i would say 'dude!!.. you gotta try this!!' & why aren't we like that with the Gospel.. we have the most amazing blessing we can have & it's sooo amazing & makes us feel so good but why don't we tell people 'dude!!.. you gotta try this!! you gotta check this out' ??.. well over the past couple weeks I've begun to think about what i want to do when the summer is up.. & the thought of a mission keeps creepin it's way in.. it probably has something to do with all of the guys here trying to get me to go too.. sooo.. i've been prayting alot about it & the other morning i sat down and read my patriarchal blessing, & in it it says that i will serve a mission.. and many other things that now make me feel like this is when i should be going on one but i've always thought it was for way down the road ya know when i'm all old and married.. but everyday i begin more and more to think that it's supposed to be now.. and right now i can't think of any other thing i SHOULD do then go on a mission.. so I guess over the next couple months i will do alot of praying and pondering and working with my bishop and preparing and hopefully be putting in my papers.. it's kinda scary to think about but at the same time sooo-- exciting!!..


Saturday, May 16, 2009

*REAL texan nites..

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Soo.. we had quite the adventure tonight.. WELCOME TO SAN ANTONIO!!.. ha one of the techs that i work with that is from here ((richard)) told us about this singles dance at the church so me & dustin decided we'd get the group together ((me, JB, travis, nick, dustin, & tyler)) & go.. so we get all ready jam us all in 'the beast' and drive out to this dance.. we get there and they are playing 'i'm yours' by jason mraz.. don't get me wrong i love the song.. but not to dance to.. & we were all pumped up for dancin.. so richard tells us about this place called cowboys & we decide to go there.. we pile back in the beast & away we go.. well we get there and it's PACKED.. like no where to even park packed.. we are like okay this place is legit texas club.. sooo.. we get to the door and JB doesn't have his id so he leaves and we all head in to find out it's actually a concert going on there tonight.. and jason aldean is who it's for.. ps none of us even knew who he was buttt we head in aways...


he was actually really good he played some 80s stuff & we just jammed out and had a good time.. until.. they decided we need to make our way to the front.. well they keep trying and cant get thru.. so sense i'm the only girl they (let) me try.. by let me try i mean pretty much told me to get up there.. sooooo i start makin my way up and travis is close behind and we get right next to this girl and she starts FREAKING out.. like the point she is yelling at me and i'm laughing so hard cuz it was just sooo funny.. and then she kept telling me it wasn't funny which made me laugh more and i'm so glad travis was in front of me cuz i knew she would have kicked my trash for sure.. but so i experienced my first real texas night ha country dancing.. cowboys.. wranglers.. boot and hats and spurs and shaps.. big girls in little tops.. the whole nine yards!!.. butttt.. we had a good time and i love my guys!!..


Travis, Nick, Me, & Tyler

((we're missing JB & Dustin here tho))

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

*i <3 SA!!..

So.. i'm sure everyone is *SICK of hearing how much i love it here in San Antonio but for real.. it's like the *PERFECT place for me!!.. i'm sooo glad i moved here!!..
palm tree Pictures, Images and Photos
1. the palm trees!!.. i LOVE palm trees & there aren't a TON of them but they are around and they make me so happy!!..
sunshine Pictures, Images and Photos
2. allllll the *SUNSHINE!!.. it's sooo nice and warm and sunny here!!.. sometimes the clouds come out.. but usually its SUNNY!!.. ((&& very hot!!..)
Tanning Pictures, Images and Photos
3. FREE TANNING!!.. you never have to pay for a tan here!! ((unless you don't want lines..)) but i'm okay with looking like i alway have a swimsuit on..
Gone Swimming Pictures, Images and Photos
4. SWIMMING!!.. you can go swimming in April.. or at 11:00 and not FREEZE!!..
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5. everyone is SOOOO nice here!!.. you make a new friend almost every where you go cuz everyone is sooo friendly!!..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

So anyone that knows my mom, knows that she's like *THE COOLEST* best mom EVER!!.. so i just wanna tell her Happy Mother's Day!!.. i miss you so much & wish i could have spent it with you!!.. You aren't just my mom but one of my best friends you have been there for me and belived in me thru so much!!.. you always know i can keep going even when i don't think i can!!.. i love you so much!!.. thanks for everything!! you really are the best!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

how it all turned out..

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Soo.. I've been in San Antonio for about week now.. & i *LOVE it!!.. it's soo beautiful here.. there's lots of trees, it's very green and everyone is *SUPER nice.. the weather has been in the 90s and today it hit 102.. i was layin by the pool for a little over an hour and FRIED my chest.. work has been LONG & HARD!!.. it may be the death of me.. but it's going pretty good so far.. not alot of time for other things right now.. but i've met alot of friends & i think i found my new home!!.. i hope to be here for a LONG time!!.. it's great!!.. hope everyone else is doing well!!.. I miss ya'll!!..