Friday, June 12, 2009

*LOVE YO-SELF!!.. <3

So.. i had to go over to the office of the apartment complex i live in & the lady that works over there has a white board at her desk she puts new quotes on everyday & one day when i went over there was a quote up that said:
Love who you are because that's the person that YOU chose to be!!..
i loved that i even came home and wrote it on my white board.. because it's so true.. i've heard alot of people say and i've even said it myself sometimes that uglh i hate that i am like this or i hate that i do this or whatever.. but if you think about it YOU chose to do that.. you can CHOOSE *WHO you want to be, the things you do.. the places you go!!..
just makes sure the choices you make are the ones that make *YOU happy!!..


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hope everyone had a great week & has an even fabulous-er weekend!!.. Ü

Saturday, June 6, 2009

i'm still alive!!..

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whoa.. i've been like mia for a few days--ish.. SOO.. here's a little update..
1. i had to give Max back.. i liked him lots & he was a really good dog but he was scared of EVERYTHING to the point he wouldn't even go outside.. i had to DRAG him and then he was so scared of everything out there he wouldn't poop so to avoid alot of messes i sadly returned him..
2. i'm finally starting to get warmed up to my job.. yesterday i was #1 in the entire company in scheduled and #2 in serviced!!.. i've done better this last week then i did all last month.. cRaZy!!..
3. i can not wait for kole to get here!!.. he just graduated today ((CONGRATS!!)) and flys in on next monday the 15 and is workin with me for the summer!!..
4. i LOST my debit card and id for a WEEK!!.. not having one you realise how much you need both of those things to do anything in the world today..
5. i haven't worked out for about 2 weeks now!!.. its amazing how at my age you loose and gain weight so fast ((gain alot faster then loose))
6. i 100% gave up on dating.. i bailed on 3 dates this week.. awful i know.. but i just don't have the time.. the energy.. the patience.. ect. ect. for any of that type of shinanigans at this point.
7. i still have no idea what i am doing at the end of the summer.. i REALLY want to stay here.. but i also feel like i should go on a mission and part of me thinks i should move home and go to school.. buttttt i love it here so much i don't wanna leave.. ahhh decisions!!..
ps.. my hair grows tooooo fast.. i have major roots!!.. i HATE that!!..