Friday, June 12, 2009

*LOVE YO-SELF!!.. <3

So.. i had to go over to the office of the apartment complex i live in & the lady that works over there has a white board at her desk she puts new quotes on everyday & one day when i went over there was a quote up that said:
Love who you are because that's the person that YOU chose to be!!..
i loved that i even came home and wrote it on my white board.. because it's so true.. i've heard alot of people say and i've even said it myself sometimes that uglh i hate that i am like this or i hate that i do this or whatever.. but if you think about it YOU chose to do that.. you can CHOOSE *WHO you want to be, the things you do.. the places you go!!..
just makes sure the choices you make are the ones that make *YOU happy!!..


Tom E said...

Good one. I guess that means if you are unhappy it is your fault not someone else, huh?

Allison said...

I like it Manda. It is truth! I would write it on my white board if I had a white board. I suppose I could write it on a slip of paper, but that seems sorta lame.

Rozalynn and Mitch said...

ohh your blog is so motivating hah hwo are you doing! hows marykay going for ya..

..bRITTANYOUNg!!.. said...


*XoXo~ ..bRITTANYOUNg!!..