Thursday, April 29, 2010

*the best day yet!!..

So as most everyone knows now, Dan and I are getting Married.. here's the little inside scoop on how it all went down :)
So after Dan and I had been dating for about a month, I had told him that I didn't want to know when whoever I marry purposes, I want it to be a complete surprise.. so 'just in case' I sent him a picture of a ring I found that I loved! I figured I would get something LIKE it.. not the EXACT one.. ((we'll get to that soon)) so, I didn't know this but he bought the ring 5 WEEKS ago!! I guess he went online looking for this ring I sent him a picture of and searched for the designer and then where you could buy the ring.. So he found this all out, he made some calls and found out it wasn't usually in the store but gave him the skew number for it and then he went to Robbins Brothers. He walked in and the woman (Marianne, Who I will soon meet, that's how Dan told the story) asked if she could help him, he said I'm here to get a ring, she went on to ask what does he think I would like, and he said well this ring actually, gives her a picture, says here's the skew, size 4 and half. haha well after a while at the store and looking at diamonds he found out it would be about 6-8 weeks, but Marianne put a rush on it to get it here sooner.. he really wanted to do it before my surgery. So 5 weeks later I am driving home from work talking to my mom, ((it was on speaker, don't worry)) and she goes, I gotta go I'll call you back CLICK.. then NEVER called me back.. I thought that was pretty weird.. Well a few days ago Dan and I had already planned on going to Fred's for dinner and it's just a few blocks up from my house and so we decided to walk along the beach. So he gets to my house and we start walking in the sand and he starts saying some stuff, like remember the first time we went to the beach, and that was your first time at the beach. and I am like what are you getting at??? hahaha well then we get down by the ocean and he says: I have a pre-surgery surprise for you!! remember when we went to the beach that first time and you wrote amanda and dan in sand? well I'm going to write something for you.. so he positioned me perfectly and I covered my eyes.. I had an IDEA what was going on.. but there has been a few times when I wondered if today was the day and it never was so I figured today wasn't either.. so then he keeps asking are they still closed don't peek then I open my eyes and see...
((only minus the hand)) and I am trying to figure out what it says and he's standing there next to it and then he said I had this look like I was starting to get it he got down on one knee and said "Amanda Lynn Hillman, Will you Marry me forever?" I just said NO WAY!! and then I was shaking my head yes and he was crying and I was crying, and then he put the ring on and we were hugging.. and then I remembered people saying they forgot to say yes and when I remembered that I started saying yes! hahaha and then I just kept smiling and I was jumping up and down and looking at my hand and kissing him.. hahaha I was SHOCKED! it was perfect.. then I look at this ring and I'm like, this is the EXACT ring I wanted!!
It was all so perfect, then I found out he had text my mom earlier and told her he was calling to ask a top secret question and he called while we were talking and that was why she never called me back because she was afraid she would spill the beans!! So.. there it is!! I am luckiest girl about to marry the most amazing, sweet, caring, giving, (oh man I'm getting choked up) most perfect man in the whole world. I really couldn't ask for anything more. He is everything I've ever dreamed of having and more.. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with such an amazing person. I am truly so blessed!! I love you DAN SMITH!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

can i get a fry with that SHAKE!?..

The best purchase of the Month:

Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender!!
A girl I worked with at Caribou spent her spring break with her friend here in California, and I let her stay at my place so as a thank you they gave me a gift card to Target!
Well I've been wanting a Magic Bullet for a while and they are like $55 almost so I just never brought myself to spending the money for one. Well I was at target and just wanted to see if they had something similar.. and they had this bad boy!!
It was only $15 but only come with one cup that's the only down side.. but I use it like at least twice a day! I usually make a breakfast smoothie and then a protein shake after my work out!
One of my new favorites I discovered today was like 1-2 tablespoons yogurt ((I like dannon lite vanilla)) then about 8 oz pure pineapple juice (( I am drinking pineapple juice like crazy right now- i was told it helps with swelling and bruising to help prepare for the surgery I have in 2 weeks)) and then a whole banana and about 1/3 a cup of spinach.. I know that sounds weird but you don't really even taste it!! but it's really good!!
Then for my protein shakes I do about 8-10 oz of either soy, skim or almond milk ((ps if you haven't had almond milk yet.. you should!! it's sooo yummy.. try the vanilla)) a scoop of protein ( I use chocolate Nu-Tek Pro 5) then I add a banana and about 1 1/2 tablespoons peanut butter.. soooo good!!
Hope everyone is doing well!! I haven't posted for a while but maybe I will again after my surgery.. I have had a lot of people want to see some before and afters!! I went to my pre-op yesterday and it made me SUPER excited and SUPER nervous at the same time!!
For those who don't know, I'm getting Rhinoplasty. I have wanted to for a long time and I am FINALLY able to do it! I found a great Dr. I really trust, her name is Dr. Tenley Lawton and her office in Newport Beach. She is shrinking my turbinates to help my breathing and then shaving off my little bump and narrowing the top and then taking the ball off the end and rotating it up so it doesn't droop anymore! So I will definitely update everyone after I am all healed!
Hope everyone has a good week!!