Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How do you take this?!

So I was signed into face book and all the sudden a message came up from a guy I went to high school with... this is how our conversation went:
for being as sexy as you are you really dont dress very sexy...
haha not hatin on your clothes but show what you got d*mn
haha sorry i was lookin through the profile...
was that a bad thing to say?
i didnt think so
i don't really know how to take it???
haha well if i was you i would take it as a complement to your looks and a suggestion to show it off
ha well, i try to dress modest but thanks for the idea!
modest isnt bad... but not one pic it think shows how sexy you really are
leaves a little mystery? and i don't think that the way i dress or how much i show off shows "how sexy i really am"
haha well your dating someone so i guess who cares... mystery is all his but idk
i would like to see ya struttin your stuff

okay #1 who says that to someone?! and #2 can i take that as compliment but the other way?! the fact that I DO dress modest and don't just show everything off for the world to see?!

In the "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet it reads : Dress modestly to show respect for God and yourself. Never lower your dress standards for any occasion.


Kris said...

I will slap him,who was it?

MaNdA said...

what a jerk huh?! he's proabably your neighbor! I knew if you knew about this you would take care of it!! I LOVE YOU MOM!