Saturday, February 14, 2009

The best gift you can give...

So last night before I went to bed I was thinking about one of my friends from Minnesota, and I had this overwhelming feeling to somehow share the Gospel with him.. I haven't really ever done that before, and didn't really know how to go about it. Do I just send him a Book of Mormon or what? So I was on facebook and we started chatting and I asked him if I could give him one, he said sure and asked why. I told him I just felt like I should, so I gave him the link to the scriptures online for the Book of Mormon He asked me a few questions I didn't totally know the answers to, and said he would definitely read it! I explained to him about how we believe families are forever, and that when you are sealed it's for all of eternity not just until death do you part, and that your children are then born under that same covenant. I after words felt sooo great! I still do! It's the best feeling like I just gave someone the greatest gift that anyone could give another person! I don't know what will happen, if he will read it or not, if he will take discussions, if he will ask me more questions. But either way I am glad and feel soo good that I acted upon that feeling!

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No Cool Story said...

Good for you for acting.
I think a lot of us are afraid of doing something like that, even online.