Tuesday, March 3, 2009

*mama i'm comin home!*

*my most amazing mom and dad ever*

So... being away from your family for so long can really get you home sick, I'm sure everyone is sick of me talkin about it all the time but it get's hard! ecpecially when you live in BFE! So I've been thinkin about going back to visit for a little while now and couldn't really figure out an excuse to or a date...

So I've been checking around prices to go home and they kept going up... Isn't that sooo frustrating! I hadn't found a ticket for less then $300 FoReVeR!! and then I finally come across one for $220 and I didn't buy it then next thing i know it's like almost $400.. and that was flying out of salt lake so i would have had to drive 4 hours to even take that flight.. sooo I went on priceline and put in a bid at $200 out of idaho falls thinking there was NOWAY they would take it annnddd... they did!! I leave April 8th and return April 22!! *2weeks* ((during Easter)) anddd I have a couple parties scheduled already so I'll even be able to write off the ticket for work!! Life is good... only I'm going to have to figure out a way to sneak Bo in on my carry on or something cuz I will miss him to dang much if I can't see him for 2 weeks!!!


Allison said...

Bring the Boyfriend! Can't wait to see you!! Life is short, way to come home to see your momma!

MaNdA said...

allison!! i wish i COULD bring the boyfriend.. I dunno what he has planned tho! I'm excited ta see you too! my mom will have to have another cookie party or something..