Wednesday, March 4, 2009

my love letter...

Dear Summer....
I miss you so much..
I keep thinking your coming.. and then more snow..
I miss your hot sun, my tan skin, staying up late, going to the pools, going to the lake, boating, tubing, floating the river, drinking slushies all day, wearing shorts and tank tops and flip flops, the smell of chlorine in my hair, the swim suits, the slides, the lazy river, the sno shacks, the windows down, the smell of fresh cut grass, the flowers, the warm wind, going on picnics, walks, and laying out..
bonfires with hot dogs and smores, the 4th of july, concerts, night games, going to the cabin, running in the grass, Popsicles, ice cream, tee shirts, skirts, baseball, sunshine, summer rain.. oh the list could go on and on... what i'm trying to say is I'm waiting... please hurry!!
ps.. i love you!!


West said...

i miss you! arg...we should talk soon

MaNdA said...

YESSS!!!! let's plan a phone date!!!

~*JUST THE THREE OF US*~ said...

hey manda!! i found your blog (duh :) and thought i would just say hi and how have you been? i haven't talked to you FOREVER!!! Hope everything is going good for you!!
Erin :)