Friday, March 27, 2009


so... most people know i was moving back to minnesota for the summer.. well that changed.. soo im going to minnesota from april 8-22nd as planned but then i get back and 2 days later i leave to dallas texas!!
when Bo & i were dating he was lookin at doing summer sales for a company and i signed up to go with him but in san antonio.. well when we broke up i just figured i wouldn't go.. but then they kept calling me and said i could go to whichever office i wanted but that they had girls in dallas and so cal.. so kinda to pick between those two.. soooo i move to dallas for the summer!! i'm sooo super excited cuz i wanted to live in texas anyways and figure this will be a good way to kinda 'get my foot in the door'.. but i'm super duper nervous too!! ahh wish me luck!!

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