Friday, March 20, 2009

.i'm my own competition!!

sooo.. i've been reading this book and there is a chapter in it that talks about competition, and how really our only competition should be ourselves, here's what part of it says..
Competition can be a very strong motivation. But I have learned that it becomes most powerful when you compete with yourself and when you learn from your failures. As I was growing up my mother constantly told me, "Anything anyone else can do, you can do better!" After hearing this enough times, I became convinced that I could do better... I never thought in terms of beating the other children; all I really wanted to do was to better my own best achievements... I concentrated upon competing with myself... When I was successful, it wasn't because i was more talented then the next person; I was just willing to make more sacrifices. I was willing to work hard and pay the price for that success... My mother also taught me how to lose. She did this by encouraging me to look to the future to do better the next time- to try harder. "you can't win them all." ..."We fail forward to success," It's true- we learn from our failures.
I believe you can have anything you want in this world, but yes, you do have to pay a price. Throughout my childhood I knew that in order to get something, I had to give up something else.
I am convinced that competition is most productive when you are competing with yourself!
I left a few pieces out and took out my favorite parts of that chapter.. but I was laying in bed thinking about this last night.. I have met so many people ((especially living in idaho and utah)) that are so competitive with the next person, trying to be better then them or have more.. and really i dont want to be better then anyone else.. what does that prove?? I want to be better then i was yesterday.. and tomorrow i want to be better then i was today.. I want to learn more and grow more with each day and become a better me.. not a better her.. so that is a goal i have set for myself.. to work hard everyday not on being the best person there is.. but being the best person that i can be.. to be better today then i was the day before!!
hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!

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