Friday, March 6, 2009

.it's ME time.

Fill out and tag 5 other bloggers!

1. Where is you cell phone ... on my bed charging!
2. Where is your significant other ... ha.. significant other.. that sounds funny.. he's at home in bed ((probably dreamin about me i would guess ;) ))
3. Your hair color ... blondish with some darkish.. i want some pink or something fun in it again!
4. Your mother ... is the most *amazing* ever.. its okay to be jealous.. i would be to!!
5. Your father ... ha! tom.. tom.. tom.. what to say about him.. he's so much fun!!!
6. Your favorite thing ... laying in a tube in the water on a hot day!!

7. Your dream last night ... mm.. hot weather??! i don't remember but i'm guessing that sounds about rite..
8. Your dream goal ... to be a National by the time i'm 30!
9. Room you're in ... my bedroom
10. Your hobby ... drawing and painting.. and coloring!!
11. Your fear ... loosing the people that i love!
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years ... somewhere warm.. have a family.. and on my way to be a national
13. Where were you last night ... at my home
14. What you're not ...boring!!
15. One of your wish-list items ... my new car!
16. Where you grew up ... Cottage Grove.Minnesota

17. The last thing you ate ... a chocolate rice krispy treat
18. What are you wearing ... sweats and a tank top
19. Your tv ... 42" flat screen ha it just sits in my room tho i never watch it
20. Your pet ... i want 2 dogs
21. Your computer ... 22" flat screen.. i like to see what's going on..
22. Your mood ... oh just fabulous.. besides the fact that my body doesnt let me fall asleep until after 3:30
23. Missing someone ... oh my family in minnesota!!
24. Your car ... ha 'the beast' shes a sexy S.O.B.
25. Something you're not wearing ... makeup
26. Favorite store ... buckle.. VS.. hollister.. journeys.. metro park.. jimmyz.. and target they freakin have EVERYTHING
27. Your summer ... it was LOTSO fun!! i can't wait for this one!!... dunno what i'm doing yet but i still can't wait for it!!!
28. Love someone ... BO!!! he's amazing!!
29. Your favorite color ... mostly pink and orange
30. Last time you laughed ... mm.. everyone is in bed.. so unless i laughed at myself which is very possible then a few hours ago..
31. Last time you cried ... i have no idea???
I tag all whoever wants to do this! I don't want anyone to feel obligated or left out!!!



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*XoXo~ ..bRITTANYOUNg!!..

Kris said...

you are a dolly. ilove post.