Saturday, May 16, 2009

*REAL texan nites..

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Soo.. we had quite the adventure tonight.. WELCOME TO SAN ANTONIO!!.. ha one of the techs that i work with that is from here ((richard)) told us about this singles dance at the church so me & dustin decided we'd get the group together ((me, JB, travis, nick, dustin, & tyler)) & go.. so we get all ready jam us all in 'the beast' and drive out to this dance.. we get there and they are playing 'i'm yours' by jason mraz.. don't get me wrong i love the song.. but not to dance to.. & we were all pumped up for dancin.. so richard tells us about this place called cowboys & we decide to go there.. we pile back in the beast & away we go.. well we get there and it's PACKED.. like no where to even park packed.. we are like okay this place is legit texas club.. sooo.. we get to the door and JB doesn't have his id so he leaves and we all head in to find out it's actually a concert going on there tonight.. and jason aldean is who it's for.. ps none of us even knew who he was buttt we head in aways...


he was actually really good he played some 80s stuff & we just jammed out and had a good time.. until.. they decided we need to make our way to the front.. well they keep trying and cant get thru.. so sense i'm the only girl they (let) me try.. by let me try i mean pretty much told me to get up there.. sooooo i start makin my way up and travis is close behind and we get right next to this girl and she starts FREAKING out.. like the point she is yelling at me and i'm laughing so hard cuz it was just sooo funny.. and then she kept telling me it wasn't funny which made me laugh more and i'm so glad travis was in front of me cuz i knew she would have kicked my trash for sure.. but so i experienced my first real texas night ha country dancing.. cowboys.. wranglers.. boot and hats and spurs and shaps.. big girls in little tops.. the whole nine yards!!.. butttt.. we had a good time and i love my guys!!..


Travis, Nick, Me, & Tyler

((we're missing JB & Dustin here tho))


~Wyatt~Brittney~Brecken~ said...

how long is your hair?! Are those your roots?! It looks like its grown 6 inches!

Kris said...

I wana hang with you.

MaNdA said...

ha no that's that dark chunk in the front on the one side.. it's only got like 1/4 in of roots..

Allison said...

Wow! Nice gig you got there Manda- working and playing in the sunshine with cute boys all day. Not bad!! Enjoy cutie!!