Wednesday, May 13, 2009

*i <3 SA!!..

So.. i'm sure everyone is *SICK of hearing how much i love it here in San Antonio but for real.. it's like the *PERFECT place for me!!.. i'm sooo glad i moved here!!..
palm tree Pictures, Images and Photos
1. the palm trees!!.. i LOVE palm trees & there aren't a TON of them but they are around and they make me so happy!!..
sunshine Pictures, Images and Photos
2. allllll the *SUNSHINE!!.. it's sooo nice and warm and sunny here!!.. sometimes the clouds come out.. but usually its SUNNY!!.. ((&& very hot!!..)
Tanning Pictures, Images and Photos
3. FREE TANNING!!.. you never have to pay for a tan here!! ((unless you don't want lines..)) but i'm okay with looking like i alway have a swimsuit on..
Gone Swimming Pictures, Images and Photos
4. SWIMMING!!.. you can go swimming in April.. or at 11:00 and not FREEZE!!..
friendly Pictures, Images and Photos
5. everyone is SOOOO nice here!!.. you make a new friend almost every where you go cuz everyone is sooo friendly!!..

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Kris and Tom said...

I'm happy you are happy!! Cute post. Love you a ton and miss you just as much.