Monday, May 18, 2009

*called ta serve?!..

Soo.. where i was working today was like 2 blocks from my apartment complex.. which just so happens to be right across from the temple!!.. ((how lucky am i to be 2 blocks from the temple!?..)) so i was takin a little break & sat looking at the temple and thinking about all the blessings i have in my life, my family, my friends, my job, my amazing grandma & grandpa, & the most important blessing i have is the Gospel.. i meet so many people every single day that don't have that & that may never have it in the life time & it is soo sad.. because these are such amazing people but are missing out on sooo much. Well in church yesterday this guy gave a talk and he said close your eyes.. now picture your favorite dessert in front of you.. okay now you take a bite.. and its the best tasting dessert you've ever had.. what's the first thing you say.. ((i was thinking mmm...)) but he said prob the next think i would say 'dude!!.. you gotta try this!!' & why aren't we like that with the Gospel.. we have the most amazing blessing we can have & it's sooo amazing & makes us feel so good but why don't we tell people 'dude!!.. you gotta try this!! you gotta check this out' ??.. well over the past couple weeks I've begun to think about what i want to do when the summer is up.. & the thought of a mission keeps creepin it's way in.. it probably has something to do with all of the guys here trying to get me to go too.. sooo.. i've been prayting alot about it & the other morning i sat down and read my patriarchal blessing, & in it it says that i will serve a mission.. and many other things that now make me feel like this is when i should be going on one but i've always thought it was for way down the road ya know when i'm all old and married.. but everyday i begin more and more to think that it's supposed to be now.. and right now i can't think of any other thing i SHOULD do then go on a mission.. so I guess over the next couple months i will do alot of praying and pondering and working with my bishop and preparing and hopefully be putting in my papers.. it's kinda scary to think about but at the same time sooo-- exciting!!..



~Wyatt~Brittney~Brecken~ said...

You can do it! You would be AMAZING! We will be praying for you too!

Kris said...

You would be AMAZING!!!!