Friday, September 11, 2009

*wait.. where did the week go?!

This week went by SOOOO fast!!.. holy cow i can't believe it's already almost saturday!!.. what happened?!.. So here's a little update.. I wasn't getting hardly any hours at Caribou so I started kinda looking for a new job.. okay and by that i mean Brit told me a lady was hiring and i sent her an email.. well.. it was for Bella's Bridal in woodbury ((very cute place)) so i interviewed with her thursday and she said she'd give me a call by next week and let me know.. she called me later that night and offered me the job.. yup i'm THAT good ;) anyway.. I had interviewed with Anytime Fitness awhile back and then she started emailing this week wanting to talk to me about a possible position.. so i went and met with her today and she offered me a job doing alot of marketing for the maplewood gym.. ps i just found out i started getting more hours at Caribou.. so rite now.. i have a wide range of possibilities i know for sure that i am going to do the bridal shop but i can't decide between anytime and caribou.. the thing with anytime is that it's alot of generating leads and going out in the community and stuff ((and by that i mean maplewood.. so not to close)) and caribou is fun and close and i wouldn't have to do a ton of driving.. and then part of me thinks i should try doing all 3 and then narrow it down that way.. but going to school full time on top of all that makes a little difficult.. i think i need input?!..

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