Monday, September 7, 2009

*the most beautiful things..

soo.. i feel like lately i have had a little bit of a bad attitude about where i am in life.. i think the biggest thing is rite after high school i thought i had it all figured out.. i jumped around between jobs and made enough to get me what i wanted right then and there and didn't think i needed school and now everyone my age it seems like is graduating and i am JUST starting school.. i think i've felt a little bad about that.. and that i used to drive a nice car and have money to do my hair whenever and go tanning and all that stuff.. and now i truly know what it means to be a broke college student.. and all i ever would think about is how i am just ready to be done with this phase of my life and be able to 'start' my life.. and i said that out loud and then it hit me.. this IS my life.. it's started it has been for almost 23 years now.. and it all goes by so fast.. i just need to soak it all in.. and embrace and love each new phase because this IS my life.. and sometime ((maybe soon maybe in like 15 years.. who even knows?!)) i will be married and have a family to take care of & right now it's just me that i have to worry about.. so i am ready to be selfish and soak it up and focus on me.. and getting thru school and loving it!!.. the whole phase!!.. and when the next one comes i really i hope i remember this and don't get sick of the little times anymore and just love where i am cuz this moment IS my life..
hope everyone had a good labor day!!.. i had way to much fun!!..
ps.. HAPPY birthday des!!..


Allison said...

You got it right Manda- you are living it. . . and doing it with style! Don't compare your stage to anyone else's. This is your journey and enjoy every day of it! Ya make it look it good girl!

Anonymous said...

Well mandy pandy it sounds like my little granddaughter is growing up. I am so proud of you and miss you and all your family so much. Stay strong and you will succeed in all you do.

Luv ya!

Rozalynn and Mitch said...

your blog is always so uplifting! Where are you going to school, your in orem aren't you! We'll have to get together cause we'll be Neighbors!