Friday, October 9, 2009

*muh poker face..

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I am taking a class right now that ends on tuesday. It's a 'get ya back into school' type class called On Course, it's an easy, 2 day a week, 50 min, 1 credit class, that they suggest that every new student takes. So I did.. Well yesterday, we had a motivational speaker come in to, well motivate us of course!. and can i just say how much i LOVE motivational speakers?!.. i love any kinda of motivation i can get from anyone and if it's coming from a professional that's even better! Well let me just tell you a little bit about this guy. He came in and you could tell right away that the left side of his face didn't work. His eye wondered a little, and the left side of his mouth didn't move when the right did while he was talking. Also his right hand, "nubby" as he called it, was alot smaller and his fingers weren't all there. He started off by explaining why he looked that way. When his mom, who was on her 4th child in i think he said 4 years, had him she was VERY under weight and she smoked, he thinks this helps to explain his 'nubby', also when she went into labor with him they thought her water broke and wrapped her in a blanket. When they got to hospital and removed the blanket they realized it was covered in blood, it was actually the placenta that had broke. The doctors had to go in right away and pull him out in order to save his life, because he was loosing so much oxygen. So when they reached in with the forceps they squeezed to hard on the left side of his face and temple area it caused it the permanent damage, which is why he looked the way he did. Okay so on to his motivation!
He told us something that really stuck out to me.. he asked who played poker, a few hands went up. He then said that life is like a game of poker. Sometimes we are dealt good cards, but sometimes we are dealt bad ones, and there is nothing we can do about the bad cards but just continue to play that hand. He talked about the bad cards that had been dealt to him, and how even though he was given these bad things and sometimes people told him he couldn't do different things in life because of his disability he still did it anyway. After class I was talking to a friend and told him about what this guy had said and he then mentioned, which stuck out to me even more, that even when we are dealt these bad cards, sometimes no matter how bad they are we can come out on top and still win the game anyway.
Life is such a crazy thing.. it continually blows me away.. sometimes we are dealt good cards and sometimes the worst hand in the whole deck.. we just need to choose how we play and if we can
come out on top!!
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Rozalynn and Mitch said...

oh gosh that is so true.. GOSH That is a sad story!! bbut he sounded very motivating.. COOL!