Tuesday, February 9, 2010

*and the search is finally over!!..

My new job!!..
So after months of searching and some crazy boring temp jobs, and lots of stress.. I got a job!!.. It was definitely worth the wait!
I interviewed last Tuesday at Orange Coast Orthodontics/ Jungle of Smiles- Pediatric Dentistry and was invited back for a working interview on Wednesday afternoon. It went really well and loved the place.. It's decorated like a Jungle with monkeys and the big tree you see in the picture, paintings on the walls of zebras and tigers and elephants.. it's really cute. Also I really like everyone that worked there. It seems like such a great environment.. it's kind of in an upscale area of Orange County and they describe it as the 'Nordstoms' of dental offices ((meaning there are a lot of really rich patients)) :) I really really wanted the job and he emailed me Sunday saying I would hear from him on or before Wednesday.. Then I got home and had an email offering me the position!! I am sooo excited!!
I don't know a lot of information yet I should be talking to the Dr. tomorrow and hopefully meeting with him this week sometime to discuss the details!
The coolest thing about it is I worked really hard to get this job and it all totally paid off in the end!!
I can't wait to start and update on how it is actually working there but I am sure I will love it!!


Kris said...

Manda, I am so happy for you!! I'm so glad that the stress of job hunting is over for you. Luvs

Anonymous said...

Manda I'm so happy for you also! I love you! Gramma

Amanda said...

I'm sooo excited for you! You are going to be The most amazing employee they ever hired!!!

Allison said...

I would totally pretend to be Jane if I were you and have Dan come to visit you at lunchtime and he can be Tarzan. That is what I thought of when I saw that huge tree in your office.

Dan said...

And you start tomorrow!!! Way to go, babe, you deserve it! <3 What an awesome accomplishment. We knew something great was out there, didn't we. :) I'm so glad you stuck in there, didn't quit, and didn't compromise. xoxoxo