Tuesday, August 18, 2009

*WAiT i'm not ready for you to leave yet..

HOLY MOLY!!.. summer is almost over!!.. what happened?!

i don't think i'm ready yet.. even tho i did have a VERY amazing summer!!.. it was seriously soo fun.. I LOVED texas and hope i can move back someday.. most of my days ((there and back here in minnesota)) have been spent at the pool.. i LOVE laying out in the sun and playing in the water.. although san antonio was better at the pool ((oh and night was the best to sneak in at like midnight and go swimming and it was still hot out.. i loved it)) it's still fun here especially playin with my adorable little nephew brecken play in the water.. he grows up so much everyday it seems like.. it blows me away!!..

so now i'm just trying to get ready for school to start.. i can't believe i start in 6 DAYS!!.. it's super stressful to think about.. but also kinda exciting.. and i started working at caribou again.. i really liked working there a few years ago and figured it would be a pretty easy stress free job.. i interviewed with anytime and i totally wanted the job and they wanted me but the schedules would not work for either of us.. so she said she'd keep my resume and call me if something opened up that had a better schedule for me.. but i'm really liking working at caribou.. for those who don't know what it is it's like starbucks only waaaayyy better.. it's more of midwest thing i think.. and they have the BEST smoothies EVER!!..

oh one more thing i just had to post cuz it makes me laugh ohhh so hard.. okay so over the past year sense i moved out to provo i dated alot of different guys and had 3 actual boyfriends.. anways you know the movie good luck chuck?! don't watch it!! it's suppperrr naughty.. not what i expected anyways.. thats not the point anyways it's about this guy that sleeps with a girl and then she marrys the next guy she dates.. i'm that guy!!!.. only girl!! ((and i don't sleep with them.. just date them..)) hahaha so those 3 boyfriends i had.. they all have gotten engaged in the past like month!!!.. hahahahaha isn't that nuts?!.. sooo if you know of a guy that wants to get married.. just send him my way.. i personally won't marry him.. i just have to date him.. then he will marry the next girl he dates... C R A Z Y!!..

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