Wednesday, July 29, 2009

*too cool for school..

soo.. i hate school already.. i know remember why i never went..
so i go in for my test last week that way i get placed in the right english and math classes ect.. it took for freakin ever!!.. annddd.. i'm in like 6th grade everything!!.. ((not for real)) but pretty close.. anyways so i go to register today and we are there for like 3 hours all i had eaten was a clemetine ((yup the miniture orange which is like like having 2 acutal orange slices)) and i was starving.. and then it's like an hour and a half of lecture about all this junk you need to know about going to school.. and then 2 hours of registering for classes.. want to know why it took 2 hours?!.. cuz it's sooo freakin hard!!.. when we got there ((i went with my brother kole cuz he's goin to the same school i am)) there were all these people there with thier parents and jokingly i turn to kole and am like.. oh why didn't we bring our mom with us.. and he said it was because we were too old for that.. well half way thru trying to register i'm practically in tears and wishing my mom was there!!.. i had to call her for moral support.. i think the biggest problem was that i am trying to get this job at anytime fitness ((i have a 2nd interview tomorrow)) and i really really want it buttt the hours are 11-7 so i was trying to get all my classes in before 11 and she said they could work with me but all the classes i needed to take on tues and thurs were in the afternoon.. so i was like i don't even care about the job!!.. ((mostly cuz i got hired at caribou.. it's like starbucks only a million times better)) but i called the lady at anytime and told her i could only get afternoon classes tues and thurs and she told me to still come in to the interview and she'll talk to the head guy and see if they can work around it.. sooo the interveiw is tomorrow and hopefully i get it!!.. it'll be ALOT of work ((way more the caribou)) buttt.. i would be the main manager of the woodbury anytime fitness so she said it would pretty much be MY gym.. i would completely in charge of everything there.. sooooo.. hopefully the whole scheduling thing works.. we'll see!!..


Kris said...

OH Manda, I just love ya!! You are going to do great!

Shelley said...

I wish you would have asked me to come with you to register! I know all about that stuff since I used to help young 'ins like you and Kole do that every semester. You'll do great, though. You may just LOVE school.